Tool European Tour

by Maria Kouvarou (Mouv)

It’s already been a week and I just can’t get over it. A week and a day, to be more specific. So close and so far away. After all, time is relative.

What’s with the sentimental monologue, you will ask me... and I will reply with four letters, that mean a lot to a lot: Τ-Ο-Ο-L!

More than a decade after their previous European tour, the iconic prog-alt-metal band visited our continent again, setting numerous of their fans in motion and… exuberance!

The concert tickets were justifiably going by the minute from the first minute of the sales announcement and each of us who were not lucky enough to have Tool in our country (as if they would ever make their way to Cyprus), we had to decide where we would see them, to book our airplane tickets, accommodation and start scheduling.

Minor sacrifice for what was to come.

We caught them in Lisbon on July the 2nd, a magical evening that would also signify the end of their European tour.

We entered with hearts that beat as drums, finding no queues and having zero delays, in an awesome and totally organized venue, Altice Arena. And that same intense heartbeat stayed with us for as long as we waited for them to appear.

The opening band took the stage at 8pm sharp. Fiend, who came from Paris, and who, despite being of notable musical merit, did not manage to gain our attention and to ease our sense of anticipation. Their appearance was of course respectable and most probably, had I seen them at another point in time, I would have written an enthusiastic report on them. But there are certain times when you cannot be the least objective. Waiting to see live for the first time your top favourite band is certainly one of these times. Call me sentimental. Maybe I am. But dramatic I am not.

The time went 9 and here comes the much-awaited moment for which we had been preparing for months. Tool took the stage, and within less than two hours they highlighted anew their superiority when it comes to spotless music, studied appearance, perfect balance between intellectual and explosive and unparalleled conceptual thematic, which was made complete with awe-inspiring visual art and lightings.

There’s not much more to write here… we all know that words are so often redundant.

So let’s let the audiovisual say the rest.

The setlist was the following:

1. Aenema

2. The Pot

3. Parabol

4. Parabola

5. Descending

6. Schism

7. Invincible

8. Intolerance

9. Jambi

10. Forty Six & 2

11. CC Trip

12. Vicarious

13. Stinkfist

Descending”and “Invincible” were their new songs that we got to hear, both of which made clear that Tool are not yet to break their series of genius creation. It goes without saying that we count the days to the release of their long-awaited album, expected for the 30th of August 2019.

We left the venue in delirium, flooded with the sense of completeness and unfulfillment at the same time. Completeness for the extra-ordinary experience, and unfuflfillment for the fact that this experience had to come to an end.

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