Supernatural Series & Soundtrack Review

(2005 - Ongoing)

Rating: 5/5

By Helena ‘Raven’ Geo

A TV series that has been loved by fans of the supernatural as only a few have, with leading characters ‘Sam’ (Jared Padalecki) and ‘Dean Winchester’ (Jensen Ackles,) and its balls to the walls…without question!!

Running its 14th season this year, still no disappointment whatsoever from any of its episodes. A TV show with subtle and entertaining humor, packed with ghosts, monsters, demons, angels, the fucking awesome character Bobby Singer (the uncle that we all wish we had), the angel Castiel, the ever so charming Lucifer (the devil ‘in disguise’), the ‘diabolical’ but very likeable demon Crowley, Lilith, the witch Rowena, the Nephilim Jack, and also God (!!), who makes his appearance in the more latest seasons, along with his sister Darkness (Hail!), and many more characters parading through the series throughout its seasons. At least, this series taught us how to perfect the pentagram, how to draw angelic and ancient symbols, how to kill supernatural beings, summon demons, and so much more that unfortunately they don’t teach us at schools (Note: Education is suffering).

With lots, but lots of classic rock and heavy metal!! From AC/DC (You Shook Me All Night Long, Hell's Bells, Thunderstruck, For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)), Bob Seger (Beautiful Loser, Katmandu, Her Strut, Against the Wind), Black Sabbath (Paranoid), Metallica (Some Κind of Μonster), Bad Company (Movin' Out), The Death Riders (Mary), Key Grip (Dancing on a Wire), The Scorpions (No One Like You), Nazareth (Hair of a Dog), Styx (Renegade), REO Speedwagon (Back on the Road Again), The Animals (The House of the Rising Sun), and much more, but most importantly the much played Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas, which became the series’ trademark soundtrack for fans everywhere.

If you are not already a faithful fan of this TV show, I recommend it without reservation. If nothing else, you can pass time this winter with all 13 seasons and start on the 14th one.

See you on the Supernatural side!!!