RustX- Centre of the Universe

A new album from Xanthou brothers and of course we cannot just let it go. ‘’Centre of the Universe’’ is a 10 song album that will certainly not disappoint the friends of classic rock.

RustX remain faithful to their sound without making you feel that they repeat themselves, something not easy at all to achieve. This third record is undoubtedly the best thing they have released until today. This band always makes me feel that each time they overcome themselves putting the bar even higher .

In this record you will find everything you are looking for in a Heavy band in it’s best form. Professional production, beautiful riffs, fast guitar solos, imaginative keys, drums and bass all beautifully tied together and what makes RustX stand out is its plurality of voices.

I don't usually get into analyzing songs in an album as I prefer to see it as a whole and I certainly won't do it with RustX either, but I would like to say that I have personally singled out Black Heart and the Center of the Universe.

Closing, I want to urge you, no matter which part of the universe you are from, if you come across the brothers from Cyprus, don’t lose them .. they will not disappoint you!

Producers: Alex Marton , Andrea Ramacciotti Studio : Woodstock Recording Studio Piombino/Italy Guest Musicians : Paolo Nipa of Dark Quarterer ( , Andreas Ramacciotti ( of Deadly Tide Artwork and Illustration : Chris Achilleos ( Graphic design and layout : Katerina Mouskou (

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