Project Renegade- “Order of the Minus”

When I write a review for an album, I listen to it relaxed without getting into details, just to get the general feeling. But Project Renegade with “Order of the Minus” didn't allow me to do that.

From the introduction my ear began to catch phrases like concentration camps, The conception of Authority, the big boss. Before the 2 minute introduction was over, Project had my full attention.

My attention was definitely not diminished while listening to the introduction of the first song and I then I knew that my 45 minute trip with Project Renegade would not disappoint me.

A complete album, with consistency and revolutionary mood. I felt that they are obviously affected –lyrically at least, by what is happening in their home country (Greece). That moment I knew I wanted an interview with them (open invitation)

The songs that stood out for me are Liber8 and A Demon Has Escaped the Triangle but you can choose yours.

Marianna – Vocals

Ody – Drums

Nick K. – Guitar

Jay – Bass

Mixed & mastered by Forrester Savell

Recorded at Matrix Recording Studio Athens by Dimitris Misirlis

Artwork by Gustavo Sazes