In-Sensé Release Debut Single "Beautiful Encounter"

Manchester (UK) based Alternative Rock band In-Senséreleased their debut single Beautiful Encounter on Tuesday 12th March via all major digital platforms with a launch show hosted at Night and Day Cafe in Manchester (UK).

The first offering from the four-piece lyrically and musically suggests the superposition of contradicting concepts, such as beauty/darkness, love/forgiveness, desire/anger, all of which make up a Beautiful Encounter. 

 With Beautiful Encounter, In-Sensé show their ability to treat simple subjects in a sophisticated way, aiming to offer a new perspective on common song topics and re-invent love songs. 

Live shows provide something both audibly and visually unique as the band, made up of members Sahala Larnyoh (Vocals), Ioannis Giannikos (Guitar), Laetitia Alexandratos (Bass), Liam Kelly (Drums), cover themselves with colourful UV face paint, which illuminates as the lights dim and the music begins. 

In-Sensé characterise themselves by their ability to bring diverse elements together in a harmonic way. Acknowledged for creating music that is an alternative combination of genres widely considered to be incompatible like Funk, Alt Rock, Hip-Hop and Metal - the band’s identity revolves around the smooth and non-chaotic blending of these genres. 

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