PRESS RELEASE: Giannis Kyriakou - "Don't Surrender"

Giannis Kyriakou is a Manchester-based artist, creatively oriented towards the metalcore/Djent genres. He composes, records and produces his material, and has recently released his single, “Don’t Surrender”, which you can also find on Spotify

In his words "Don't Surrender" is

“An Emotional song for the people that are facing a hard time in their life... Have You ever felt empty inside? Have you ever felt that You are struggling to move on and face a hard situation in your life? Have you ever thought that everything You have done in your life doesn't really worth the effort? ''Sometimes You face difficulties, not because You are doing something wrong, but because you are doing something right!'' (Kushand Wizdom) Stand tall and face your enemies even those are people or your darkest thoughts! Fight like there is nothing left to lose! And if you fail, do it again! Don't Surrender, Never Surrender... It is really worth what you're fighting and waiting for!”

For further information on Giannis and his work:

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