''PECULIAR THREE’’ where created in 2013 and come from Livadia Greece. This year released their first full length album called ‘’Leap of faith’’

Heard ‘n’ Heavy sounds with Progressive and Stoner Metal elements will for sure have a place and a future in the Metal scene.

A few days before 2020 is gone they talked to Aegis about their work and future plans…..

1. When and why did you form Peculiar Three?

Hi and thanks for having us! It all started at the end of 2013, when we decided that playing in a cover band was just not enough for us and formed a “vessel” in which we could be ourselves as musicians and lyricist, as well as enjoy creating something from scratch!

2. You share members with RedEye Caravan. How easy is it and how does it work for both bands?

Actually there’s more than one band we share members with! There’s also Beyond this Earth, besides Redeye Caravan! Haha! We manage to keep everything in line since these bands have completely different sound and style, something that is essential for us as musicians to feel complete! It’s working really well, so far!

3. What inspired you to use the name Peculiar Three?

Well, “peculiar” as a word has a strange ring to it, also meaning “strange/special”, just like the ideas we like to put on our music and lyrics. Last, but not least, since we love pop culture and books, “peculiar” is one of Sherlock Holmes’ favourite words to use! And since we’re a trio... “peculiar three”!

4. How did you compose the songs for "Leap Of Faith"?

The process usually goes like this: Panos (guitars) will bring some music ideas, Valantis (vocals, bass) will chip in and then write the lyrics. Right after that we jam the ideas in studio with Paris (drums) and then they form, little by little, to the final song!

5. When was the album recorded and who produced it?

The recordings took place in 2019, although the songs were ready long before that! Vocals, Guitars (distorted), Bass and Drums recorded at Locomotive Sound studio (Lamia, Greece) by Ektoras Sohos. Guitars (clean) recorded at One Take Recordings (Thiva, Greece) by Vagelis Katsampekis. Keys recorded at Saint George studio (Agios Georgios Viotias, Greece) by Panos Makoulis. Mixed, Produced and Mastered at Locomotive Sound studio (Lamia, Greece) by Ektoras Sohos. Special Guests: Panos Makoulis (orchestration & arrangement on “Caliban’s End”), Mantis Savvidis (solo saz on “Innermost”). Artwork and Layout by Sotiris Kotsonis.

6. What do you think of self-released albums? How did you release "Leap Of Faith" and why?

“Leap of Faith” is a self-released album! It is highly usual these days for bands to self release their albums. There’s nothing wrong with firms, it’s just not essential nowadays, since what they offer (most of times) is just some distribution and are only occasionally willing to cover any costs - recordings or vinyl/cd pressings.

7. You live outside of the capital of Athens. Were there any special difficulties you had to face due to the distance from the capital in making the album?

Not really! These times, where you had to be in the capital to play or record any music, are far gone! There are plenty of - at least! - decent studios in many places and that is not an obstacle anymore!

8. What reviews do you get so far for "Leap Of Faith"?

The first reviews were positive and that surely is something to be proud of! Of course, there’s no magic receipt to keep everyone satisfied, so naturally there were also a few negative reviews - which we also accept as opinions.

9. Which bands have influenced your style?

As three different personalities you can understand that we have a lot of different influences. There’s a lot of good old prog rock for sure, but all the classics of metal world are there, too!

10. Are there enough Greek bands in your style to form a "scene"?

Of course! The scene here is alive and strong and many bands manage to make the break through!

11. What are your future plans for Peculiar Three?

We are currently promoting our LP which is available on bandcamp and we are filming a video clip, so… stay tuned!