Orgasmatrons at Red 27/12/2018

By Nicolas Nicola

It’s been three years already since Motorheads’ Lemmy passed away, on 28/12/2015. The bands’ “heavy” heritage is still there and the best memoriam is to throw a metal party. Exactly how Lemmy would like his memory to be horoned.

The now established “Memoriam to Lemmy”, by Orgasmatrons, took place at Red live stage in Nicosia, on the night of December 27th. Accompanied by Receiver and Dragonbreath, Orgasmatrons honored the legendary Motorhead in an endless party.

The thirst for a traditional heavy metal live gathered a lot of attendees that night at Red, and Receiver took over the difficult task of “warming up” the crowd, which they successfully managed from the get-go. Getting even better with each appearance, Receiver presented their own work, as well as covers, and they swept us away. Double solos, influences by Iron Maiden, a series of other NWOBHM bands, Running Wild and Domine and so on. An excellent appearance by Receiver, that now owe us a full adaptation of The Golden Bell, as well as entering the studio for some recording, since beyond a demo song from the distant 2012 (Unite), we have no other recording of their work.

“Receiver” Setlist

- Golden Axe Theme

- Trespasser

- Raiders of the Night

- Falling to Dust

- Highlander (Cloven Hoof cover)

- Starchaser

- The Arrow

- The Golden Bell (Legend cover) (partial)

- Unite

Then came Dragonbreath. With full speed on, they presented us with old and new (unreleased) tracks, as well as an adaptation of a piece by Crimson Glory, which as much as I love its music I despise its lyrics. And as we discussed with some friends at Red, after midnight (pun intended), we talked about the best instrumental piece! Along with the demo song Deadly Strike (2014) and the single Sorrows of the Past (2015), a series of unreleased compositions were presented, older and more recent, even an untitled piece. We expect a full record release by Dragonbreath, since the material is already there and it’s pretty damn good!

“Dragonbreath” Setlist

- Lost Atlantis

- Deadly Strike

- 1974

- The Eyes Never Lie

- Warrior Within

- The Curse

- Untitled new song

- Red Sharks (Crimson Glory cover)

- Achilles Revenge

- Thermopylae

- Smirni's Inferno

The time for the tribute to Lemmy and Motorhead signaled the highlight of the party. Orgasmatrons, the Cypriot Motorhead tribute band, has already established this Memoriam since 2016. This year, a day before December 28th, when Lemmy was gone, it found Orgasmatrons live on stage, paying their respect to Μotorhead. With a variety of legendary Motorhead tracks, as well as covers that the British band or Lemmy adapted, Οrgasmatrons hosted on stage that night many guests from the Cypriot metal scene. The party and the guests parading on stage peaked in holiday spirit with the adaptation of Run Run Rudolph, with extensive solos on stage.

“Orgasmatrons” Setlist

- Civil War

- Iron Fist

- Stay Clean

- Cat Scratch Fever (Ted Nugent cover)

- Love Me Forever

- Overnight Sensation

- Orgasmatron

- No Class

- Sacrifice

- Ace of Spades

- Stone Dead Forever

- Overkill

- Killed by Death

- Run Run Rudolph (Chuck Berry cover)