NEMESIS interview

Serbia finest in melodic death metal with female vocals, ‘’Nemesis’’ will get you’re attention for sure. Perfect binding between music and vocals with lyrics that have something to say.

‘’Nemesis’’ talked to Aegis for their album among other interesting things. Enjoy reading this interesting interview and make sure to check this band out.

Hello Nemesis and welcome to AegisMedia.

Let’s start by asking how are things for a band from Serbia in these strange times?

Hello! Well, things are what they are. We haven’t played any gigs since March and we are started to really miss playing live and hanging out with people. Other than that, we are all well and working on some new material.

You are an all-female melodic death metal band. Can you tell me a few things about how you all meet and generally the story behind the beginning of ‘’Nemesis’’. Most of us met online. Sanja, our vocalist, contacted me the drummer and said that she wanted to make Arch Enemy tribute and that she already found a guitar player – Alexandra. So we agreed to go for drinks and meet in real life. We figured that since the three of us are girls, it would be nice if we could have all girl line up, so we invited the others. We had some changes in line up since then, but now with Tijana and Biljana in the band we really feel complete.

Please tell us about ‘’The war is on’’. Did you have fun recording this album and is the final result as you had it in your minds before the recordings?

We had a lot of fun while recording it and we kind of recorded everything in just a couple of days. We are really happy how it turned out, since it we learned a lot from it and during the song writing process we figured where we want to go next.

Your lyrics deal with many things and some of them one can characterize as political. What is the war ‘’Nemesis’’ are on and against who?

Yes. Our lyrics are mostly rebellious and if we look around ourselves more carefully, we can see that everyday we as individuals and as a society are waging so many wars. The feeling we have is that we have globally forgot how to be human beings, and that everyone is only looking for the personal gain and that our collective values have gone too far from the essential ones such as compassion, honesty, solidarity and modesty. And we have politics to blame for that. Because political current, not only here, but on many other places on Earth, teaches us that everyone is our enemy and keeps filling our heads with nonsense to the point where people are not able to see that things are falling apart globally and we are all dehumanized and constantly exploited.

After 8 years and many hours in a studio and on the road would you say you are a studio or a live band? We are definitely a live band. That’s why it took us so long to record the first album. Before the pandemic we were having at least 3 gigs a month which is really a lot for a metal band from Serbia. We love playing live and meeting new people and just having fun.

You have been characterized as the Arch Enemy of Serbia. Do you accept this term? It is really flattering to be compared to that band. I am personally a huge fan, I think that Khaos Legions is one of the best melodic death albums there is, but we also believe that our sound is maturing and that we will find our unique style that will differ us from other bands.

I have noticed you put a lot of effort and money in making your videoclips. How important do you think image is for a band and how it affects a song?

Actually, our videos weren’t that expensive as they look. We just put a lot of effort into making them and using the most of the resources we have. We believe we live in visual times where people expect from you to have good audio-visual representation. Maybe this makes things a bit harder but having good image can only help the band.

What are your dreams with ‘’Nemesis’’ and what to expect from you in the future? We are hoping to release a new album in the near future and to have a lot of gigs. As soon as everything goes back to normal we will hop back in the van and start touring.

Finally I would like to know how is life on the road when you are touring? That’s one of the best things there is. All of us have a weird sense of humor and it is all like being in a kindergarten once again. We have a lot of fun, we make up lots of jokes and we just enjoy time off from the ordinary lives.