Live Review for Gang, RUSTX, Idalion

On January 18th we arrived early at Diaxroniki Music Stage for the concert of '' Gang '' that once again came to our island. With them, as always, R.U.S.T.X and “Idalion” for their first live. After interviewing for AegisTv all the bands that participated, we waited for the live to start.

First to appear on stage were the Idalion. I had already listened to the 3 songs of the band released on youtube and had an idea of ​​what I was going to listen. For Idalion it may have been their first live but for the band members is not something new. John Kkolos, Demetris Shimitras, Eorge "Animal" Savvides, and Vasos Kyriakides gave the evening a different vibe. The rhythms in the Drums and the sound from the bass, “betrayed” the band's influences from '' Tool '' and Black Sabbath as well in other parts of the songs. With a great deal of energy they certainly made a dynamic opening and left a positive impression on those who came in Diaxroniki Music Stage on time.

Continuing on stage came RUSTX. After a five minute live sound check Xanthou brothers were ready to give their bestl! As we have said in previous reviews, these guys never disappoint you. Performance combined with their songs and positive mood, lift you up and you are always having fun. With a metallic '' madness '' RUSTX '' forced '' the audience to join in, sing with them and have fun at a music party. Highlight of the night, the point where the brothers became five on stage, with Efi Xanthou proving that talent in this family is not limited to the 4 members of RUSTX.

In the same mood was the appearance of Gang. I am now convinced that when playing on our island the band from France feels like playing at home. Bill and the rest of the band have been to Cyprus three times already so the connection with the audience is given. As with RUSTX a lot of energy and bonding with the audience. With many albums in the band's assets and a lot of stage experience, Gang are always imposing and immersive.

It was a full night for all those found at Diaxroniki Music Stage. See you soon at the next live review!