Interview with Vivaldi Metal Project

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

When I first heard about Vivaldi Metal Project I knew that I had to get an interview from the mastermind behind the Project Mistheria. A very interesting interview indeed……

My first question is, is Vivaldi Metal Project a project or a band?

I will explain the answer like this… Vivaldi Metal Project as the name itself says, it’s a project. It started as a studio project in 2015. At that time I thought of this project as a studio work because the idea was to collaborate with many musicians from all over the world. The project achieved quite a record, counting up to 130 musicians, solo artists and me, plus orchestra and the choirs, so this could be just a studio project. But then, after a couple of years, after several requests by our fans to bring the music on stage, I managed to let’s say choose some, set up a live band, something that we could bring on stage with some musicians that were of course recoding in the album and are still part of this band. So, it’s different if we talk about it as an album, studio work or live.

The reason I ask you is because a project usually has an end. From your work I feel like there is no end to this.

No. We are working on a second album. We also released an EP in 2018. We are giving live shows – not right now, though, because we are working in the studio but in the summer there should be a couple of live shows. In my plans, in my mind there is no end. In my mind I am already planning a tour of the album.

Let’s get things form the beginning, from the Four Seasons. That’s a full Vivaldi work, right?

“Vivaldi Metal Project - The Four Seasons” is a symphonic metal opera, based on the original Vivaldi’s masterpiece, the “Four Seasons”.

Why did you choose Vivaldi?

Vivaldi is one of my first loves in music. When I was 10-11 years old, I started listening to classical music and I was impressed by the “Four Seasons”. So I carried it as my passion all my life. I also played many times some moments of the “Four Seasons” on the piano or my guitar, in classical way, in metal style and so on. So, back in 2015 I had an idea; it was just for 1 second’. “Let’s make the “Four Seasons” as a symphonic metal opera. I decided to cover the full opera, because it was a match to my needs and plans at the time.

Let’s talk a little about your EP. It was after the “Four Seasons”. What was included in that EP?

The EP includes a live unplugged show that we had in Kitee, Music Festival in Finland, back into 2017. At that time it was me and one of the singers that recorded the first album and she is part of the live band, Tsena Stefanova from Bulgaria. Just a piano and vocals. This was live. But then we recorded another version in the studio. In the studio, the same medley, a little bit larger, featuring also a violin player from the USA, Abigail Stahlschmidt, a singer from Greece, Angel Wolf-Black, and another singer from Bulgaria, Dimitar Belchev and myself on the piano.

Let’s get into your latest album that is not ready yet. What are your thoughts about the new album?

In some way it follows the concept that we started in the first album, where we basically talked about the “Four Seasons” of the human being -as in the original Vivaldi the “Four Seasons” of the nature- from before our creation, our life, full life and after life (what would be in our opinion the afterlife). The second album is gonna focus on our life and try to explain all the emotions that we feel in our life.

And you are going to include more composers not just Vivaldi?

Yes. In the new album we have Vivaldi as well but also other great composers such as Chopin, Mozart, Bach, Schubert, Dvorak, Beethoven, some of the most famous classical themes. Of course in our symphonic metal version, singers, orchestra, choir.

And now some more personal musical questions. As I have concluded from what you have said, you have classical education in music. So, how from classical someone goes to metal?

I was learning and studying the same way classical music in the conservatory and rock and metal on my own, listening of course to albums and bands of the time. I started basically from prog rock , Pink Floyd and some Genesis among others. Someone said because I am a Gemini in sign, I am split between 2 different sides J Then I remember when I was studying in the Moscow conservatory I was already making my first experiments arranging some classical pieces that I was studying on the piano to bring to the musical lesson in a rock way/metal version, adding orchestras, guitars, drums and so on. It was natural for me.

The reason I ask is because I saw many debates from classical musicians and metal musicians talking about their music. Classical music has melodies and many things that in metal is considered to be a hard music, melodies not so clear. What do you have to say about this debate? You see musicians opposite each other.

In classical music we have all the best elements that we can just take and translate into metal pieces. There are many different genres and styles in metal (death metal, hard metal, prog metal). The approach is different, the requirements are different. I basically work from metal to symphonic metal. All these variations of metal style match very well the classical music.

What would you like to say to your fans? I saw that you are trying to raise some money for the new album. I guess my question is why someone should fund you?

Nowadays it is very hard to make music and what we are trying to achieve with Vivaldi Metal Project is basically a huge collaboration worldwide between musicians –some of the most amazing musicians in the metal scene – all together to create something that would have not been possible differently. It requires a lot of work, a lot of investments to bring one guitar player from USA, one bass player from Japan and an arranger from Australia. It happens here.These can make this heavy and long process way better and faster. Also this can make the full project affordable also to all our fans, because differently it would be very hard to make it happen. As also happened for the first album so for this second album we are funding our work on platform and we want to thank everyone so far for supporting us and we hope that also we get more and more funds because we want to bring our project on stage with a new album and hopefully come to your country and as many countries as we can.

I want to thank you very much for this interview. It was very interesting. I am sure it is going to be interesting for our viewers as well and we hope to see you soon performing live to Cyprus.

Thank you for the invitation and a huge and epic hello to your readers.