Interview with SOCIAL SCREAM

- Hello guys and thank you for your time! Your Third album Organic

Mindset is out! Tell us a few words about it!

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in the band and the interview! “Organic Mindset”

is our latest efford and represents the today's face of the band. It is an energetic

Thrashy Heavy Metal record which contains both old school and modern Metal

elements. We believe its our best album so far and we hope you enjoy it!

- The first question is what are the new implementations in your new

album that make it differ from the others? In what ways the composition

progress took place? You wrote the music all together?

The big difference in compairing to the other 2 albums is the absense of

keyboards and brutal vocals. We decided 2 years ago to continue as a 4 piece

band without keyboards and using Vlasis as lead singer (Vlasis did the clean

vocals at the previous 2 albums). So as a result we trasformed to a more tradition

Metal band. The philosophy of Social Scream and the base of our sound maintain,

since always Vlasis was the main songwriter and the core of our music is always

the riff-driven Heavy/Thrash Metal.

- How about the lyrical themes? What is the concept if there is any this

time around?

Mainly we write about our life experiences and our perspectives in human issues,

history, society, science etc.. In “Organic Mindset” there is also a reference to the

mountain “Taygetos”(Taleton) which is located near to our hometown Sparta. It is

a very special place for us!

What is the feedback you have received so far? Is it bigger than your

previous album? Do you feel a new level of elevation and progress in

you music

Until now we have received great feedback from both fans and press, it seems a

lot of people know the band by checking out our latest album. The previous

albums not promoted so well, especially the 1st one “Epiclesis” which is more like

an self-released official demo. I think its clear the progress of the band especially

in composition and production.

– What's your opinion about the music labels that the fans and the

industry tend to put in any bands music? You consider yourselves

as a "Heavy Metal" band, or there are also other elements in your

music, that this statement "limits" your musical horizons and your


We consider our band as a “Heavy Metal” band and we dont think this “limits” our

musical horizons or our fanbase. The labels are good as a guidance or

introduction to a music scene or a band. The problem is when a label dictates a

lifestyle or a listener as an individual. For example I'm strongly against labels like

“metalhead”, “raper”, “rocker”etc...

- How the recent situation with the worldwide pandemic of Covid-

19 affected you as a band?

Unfortunely we didnt do any live shows this period but we try to stay busy and

productive. We released 1 quarantine playthrough video and a new lyric video and

we finished with the recordings of our upcomming release.

- Did you try to take advantage of the recent technology in order to

reach out to your fans with your music during the lockdown.

Besides the quarantine playthrough video we released for the song “Connect” we

didin't do anything else. I saw that a lot of bands did live-stream shows which was

very cool! We prefer to wait for the real live shows when things come back to


– After everything goes back to normal, do you guys have any plans

for a tour maybe?

Definitely we want to do some shows inside Greece in order to promote our latest

album. Since we are not a full touring band and we have our morning jobs we

can't do an extended touring but it is in our plans to appear in European Summer

Festivals and meet some of our friends and listeners in person.

– Is there anything you would like to share with you fans?

We like to thank you for support and feedback you send us regarding our latest

album! We hope all you guys have health and enjoy your days in whoever place of

the world you living! Hope to see you soon on stage!