Interview with Selefice

Selefice is a very big and unique name in the Greek underground scene.

After 26 years of silence, this doom/death band from the Mediterrenean returned and released the unique mini album "I Met A God".

1) How were these 26 years that the band was in a silent mood?

We have always felt weird for disbanding because we knew the band had more to offer. However, all these years the band's members remained active musicians and songwriters. We worked on our own projects and bands with different music styles and we remained in discography. Some of these works like Akron Aoton, a band that featured the Selefice core members could have been the continuation of Selefice. This means Selefice was always in our heads and the Selefice flame was burning inside us. In 2017 the time was right for a reunion. We came back more experienced and avoid the past mistakes. We are here stronger than ever!

2) How do you feel that you returned after so many years?

It's a great feeling to be back with Selefice. People show respect to our past and we to give them some respect back with recording new material and give decent live shows. The lost time cannot return and there is no use in mourning about it. We are here to deliver Doom/Death Metal the Selefice way!

3) What is the fans' reaction on your mini album?

"I Met a God" was very well received from fans and critics worldwide. In a period where dozens of releases come out everyday and life has become an image and scrolling on a screen, we feel excited to receive such a positive feedback! We humbly thank you for your support!

4) The mentions in the Gods and religions, is like a concept for your album and your music?

There is no actual "concept" in the mini-album "I Met a God". If there was one, that would be the paranoia, sickness and filth we live in filtered through our own view. Still organized religion is a cause for war, racism. It is used as a virus from the governments and the elite to control the masses. We remain oppossed!

5) From what things do you find inspiration?

From dark poetry, fantasy, lovecraftian horror, organized religious nonsense and everyday life as we see it through the Selefice point of view.

6) Do you have plans for a new album?

Yes, we sure do! We carefully plan our next full length. It's a big plan for us because this album will be the one to succeed "Where is the Heaven" and this is very challenging for us. However, making new songs comes naturally for Selefice. We never stop bringing ideas to the studio or jam at home. We already play 2 unreleased songs ("Innsmouth" and "Gates of Dawn") in our live shows and after jamming many ideas and songs we are currently structuring a new one with the working title "Lazarus".

7) Can we expect live shows in and out of Greece in the near future?

For sure! Selefice is a live band and we will play everywhere in the world we are asked to! Our next show and first for 2020 shall be on March 7th in Underground Studio, Peristeri, with the excellent band doom/death DreamLongDead. You shall be doomed!

8) Which are your goals for 2020?

To remain healthy. To be even more creative. To play as many shows as possible. To support the u/g like we do from the first day of this band's existence.

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