Interview with Receiver

By Panayiotis Xanthou

1) Goodmorning guys. Why don’t you introduce yourselves to Aegis?

Good morning! We are Receiver, a heavy/epic/power metal band, active in the Cyprus metal scene for the past 2 years.

2) Tell us little about the history Receiver.

Receiver were formed during the spring of 2011, continuing our music endeavors which started in 2006 with the band “Shadows”. The name changed due to the departure of some members and the accession of others, and due to our decision to write and record our own material. In 2011, 4 out of 5 members were in the army, and after our military service we left Cyprus for studying abroad. Inevitably, the band remained idle for years. But, in February 2017, after a guitar session with Andreas “Riff Machine” Kyriakou Receiver were reactivated, new members joined the band, which now has the form you know.

3) As we know you have only one recording in your Discography. One of the most famous underground songs in Cyprus “UNITE”. Tell us about the song and the recording area. Unite was written a few months prior to our first appearance as Receiver in 2011, and was recorded later in the year, before our departure from Cyprus for studying abroad. After a few months we managed to get the song in its final form, (our only recorded song due to our long absence from music). We recorded “Unite” in a home studio, where we deficiently recorded one more song (we did not manage to record vocals). Due to miscommunication and our absence from Cyprus, we never managed to obtain the material, which was eventually lost. 4) Also tell us about your first ever gig as Receiver. I remember all the hard work for finalizing our material and performing in our first gig as Receiver in 2011, at Power of the Night 6. We had previously performed in the festival as Shadows, but that did not lessen our agitation, our thirst, and our stress for our coming live show. The venue literally changed hours before the live, and we were all running carrying equipment from the University of Cyprus to Franky’s Live. Fortunately the festival took place without further issues, the culmination of Power of the Night ’11 being Tokyo Blade performing live.

5) Can you tell us a little about the Cyprus metal scene? Any good bands in Aphrodite’s island? Certainly. There are many great bands with fine material in the island of Cyprus, actively performing both locally and abroad. We are happy witnessing bands moving forward, composing new material and delivering mind blowing shows. As long as we have active bands in the Cyprus metal scene, music will stay alive, we will listen to new great compositions, and we will be able to interact and enjoy the music we love as fans.

6) Surely you can tell us a little about the metal bar Rocka Rolla and Katakomves. You guys were there as metal fans as all we were. Tell us something for the new generation. What can one say about the old glorious days of Rocka Rolla and Katakomves? The recurrence of nights like those is highly unlikely, since except a metal fan meeting and metal music in literally the highest possible volume, happenings like the following took place regularly: flying chairs and ashtrays (after heavy beer consumption), lighting trays full of booze on the bar should the song demand the relevant atmosphere, hosing with water pumps, regulars visiting the bar the next day to help with fixing the damage they caused the night before. Right or wrong, good or bad, we will always remember the good old times in Rocka Rolla and Katakomves with sweet nostalgia.

7) Back to Receiver. Your last gig was a blast with Dragonbreath and Orgasmatron. Tell us a little bit about your new songs and your new members. Nikoletta has a great voice ,Johny has the “Hands of Steel” and Tzirkas is the “MAESTRO” of the band.

First of all we would like to thank our good friends Orgasmatrons and Dragonbreath for inviting us to play, and for sharing the stage with us. The night was a blast, and we had fun both on stage and as metal fans as well. The band’s composition has indeed changed, with Nicoleta on vocals, John on drums and Andreas on guitars. Between us runs the bond of a 10 year friendship, so the band was “tight” on a music and personal level from the very beginning in February 2017. The element of interpersonal and music chemistry is strong between us, and we are driven to compose new material and stay active as a band. We composed quite a few new songs, which we look forward to presenting live! 8) Rumors says that you are in pursuit for a recording studio for your debut right? That is true! The material is ready, and if all goes well we will fly to Athens on the fall of 2019, where we will record our first album.

9) Except from the cd tell us about your other future plans?

As I said, we have the element of music chemistry. Songs of the first album aside (we did not present all of them live yet), we composed new material which we want to finalize sooner or later. We also want to present our new material in live shows, thus sharing our music endeavors.

10) Can you tell us your influences through the years as a band and your point of view about the new bands out there. Do you want to tell them something, apiece of advise?? Experiences – musical or not that every one of us goes through, are the influences which form him. We attended many-many concerts, we visited heavy metal festivals abroad, we worked for setting up concerts in Cyprus, we sang our favorite lyrics loud and off tune until the dawn. Heavy metal aside, we all listen to other kinds of music, such as classic and progressive rock, funk and folk music and many more, music influences that can be heard in our compositions. Now, as a band that remained idle for 6 years, I do not think that we can offer advice! We would like to say this though, because we know it well: it is not easy for a band to remain active, performing live and composing new material. It takes time, and devotion. We advise the youth who formed their own bands not to give up on what they love, because a band easily becomes dormant.

11) Thank you guys and as a last question tell us the 10 best Metal/Rock cds of all Time. Now that is a difficult question! There are so many great albums in rock and metal music, and defining the 10 or 20 best would be very hard. Without any particular order, here are some albums that we love;

-King Crimson – In the court of the crimson king -Camel – Moonmadness / Mirage -Blue Oyster Cult – Fire of Unknown Origin -Iron maiden – Somewhere in Time / Brave New World -Fifth Angel – Fifth Angel -Fates Warning – Awaken the Guardian -Ashbury – Endless Skies

-Riot – Thundersteel

-Warlord – Deliver Us

-Crimson Glory – Transcendence

-Judas Priest - Painkiller