Interview with Reawaken

Reawaken Is a female fronted band from Southampton. Nice Riffs with a beautiful powerful voice is Reawaken is a band that you will love. Make sure to check them out.

Reawaken talked to Aegis about their EP and many other things.

First of all tell me a few things about how you all meet and formed Reawaken and also how did your band got its name?

Gill met Matt through mutual friends and convinced him to form a band. She knew Nathan from College and met Joe at Uni years later. We all met Miranda through the local gig circuit when she was in a different band and we had a different vocalist.

We started out as a jamming duo between Matt and Gill, then shortly after Nathan joined. We started out as a pop punk band and as time went on and different members came and went Joe joined. Then after our last vocalist left, Miranda auditioned and joined the band in the spring of 2019.

Reawaken came about as Gill and boys were in one band and our old vocalist in another and we wanted a name that represented rebirth, as these 2 bands had died and Reawaken was born out of the ashes.

Your EP ‘’Restore’’ has 5 songs. How long did it take you to record it and is the resold what you hoped for?

Restore was a result of two different recording sessions and produced over an eight day recording period. We originally wrote the music before Miranda joined the band, so she had to write new lyrics over the music. We’re super proud of how it came out, but we released it just before the UK went into lockdown, so we couldn’t really promote it as well as we wanted to.

Can we expect a full length album in the near future?

Hopefully sometime in the future. We just recorded an EP back in October, so it won’t be anytime soon unfortunately.

Who writes the lyrics and the music? Please guide us through your song writing process.

Each song comes from a riff idea that either Nathan, Matt or Joe will write. From that we’ll collectively write the music from there. Once we have the music written Miranda will then write the lyrics and Gill the drum parts.

Your music seems influenced by bands like Flyleaf. Do all band members listen to the same music genre?

Not really. There are some parallels, but for the most part we have different tastes in music.

When you are playing live which songs does your set list include?

Depends on who else is on the bill. We usually play everything from Restore live. We tend to leave Bricks out as we want to keep the momentum going and the crowd engaged. We do have a few other songs we haven’t released or recorded yet as well as a few covers we have adapted to our sound.

How did this virus situation affected you as a band (if it did)

We had planned to tour and promote Restore in 2020, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. We also couldn’t meet as a band so writing stopped for a while. We did however record a few covers over Lockdown to keep our audience engaged.

What are your dreams and hopes regarding the band?

We hope for the future to tour both the UK as well as Europe. To play more show in new locations, write new material to release and keep having fun playing music together as friends as well as meeting new bands.

Thanks for your time.