Interview with JULIAN'S LULLABY

1) Welcome guys to Aegis! Please let us know about your first steps. How did you start with the band?

Thank you for the invitation! The band started in 2006, it was just a side-project in the beginning but as soon as there was enough material looked for members to make it a full-time gig

2) Is there a special meaning about the band’s name?

Yes, there is a short story behind it… “Julian’s” comes from “July” Elias’ nickname from another band, and then “Lullaby” which is inspired by Cure’s song. We wanted a band-name that was a bit unique and not so self-revealing about the music direction, I think it worked well since almost everyone asks!

3) After your first album you changed the singers. What happened?

We parted ways with one of them, chemistry was not there anymore and everyone was not happy with her attitude. The other singer moved to Germany so it was almost impossible to continue.

4) Why it took too long to release your second album “Prisoner Of Emotions”

Well, changing singers and band-members, we needed time to make things work properly, we did not want just a quick successor to the first album. We could have released it earlier but personal matters and life-changing events postponed it. Anyway, the outcome is great and it’s definitely the best possible sounding album we could have produced at that time!

5) The last album is an emotional and professional work. Are you satisfied about

the feedback?

Yes, definitely, we are proud and satisfied with the feedback we get! We worked a lot with melodies, orchestration and arrangements, hired a pro violinist (like in the 1st album), re-worked all guitar solos, decided to drop tuning to make it a little heavier and paid a lot of attention on how to harmonize vocal lines. Really great to know this is acknowledged as “emotional and professional work”, thank you!

6) A few words about the lyrics of the band, please.

Lyrics are very important to our music, they go hand-in-hand. We work with a writer, Anna Spanogiorgou, that has written lyrics for both albums so far. It’s dark poetry blended with personal experiences, inspiration from books (“Hanging Crown”) or theatrical plays, like “Death Angel” for example. “Hell’s door” talks about a volcano in Turkmenistan that was burning for many years, read an article about it 10 years ago and then asked Anna if she could write lyrics about it. She did, without ever listening to the music but it was a perfect fit!

7) What is your opinion about the Greek metal scene? Do you have any close friends in other bands?

Greek metal scene is awesome! Great bands, great music, become better year by year and there is lots of international exposure nowadays. Yes, of course we have made some good friends from other bands, however we are not that well “connected” I would say, if it happens, it happens.

8) Your last live before Covid-19 was at Ladies Of Metal festival. Do you enjoy being on stage? Any plans for future lives?

Certainly, we do! Yes, we were very lucky to perform at Ladies since lockdown measures were imposed just a week after! I had to fly from Amsterdam to Greece just for this live, so it would be a shame if it was cancelled.

9) The band is preparing for the new album. Will the musical direction be the same as in “Prisoner Of Emotions”?

Yes, musical direction will be similar, not a copycat though, but we will try some other things too to keep it interesting. Believe whoever likes “Prisoner” will also like the next one.

10) What is your biggest dream about “Julian’s Lullaby”?

Hm, we are not fantasizing about big success or endless touring, we want to be able to create music, play live and make more people feel well with our music. Maybe the small things are the most important to us.

11) Are any band members involved with any other musical projects these days?

Not really, this is our main gig, George has another band called “Erupted” but they are not active for sometime and I started kinda working with a musician in the Netherlands but this is at a very primitive stage to call it a project.

12) Please, share your last thoughts with your fans. Good luck!

Hope we can stay Strong during those difficult times and come back soon! Thanks again!

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