Interview with Grande Fox

Hello guys and thank you for your time !

- What’s the concept behind “Grande Fox” and for what this name stands for ?

Hi there ! At first we would like to thank you all as well for your invitation and the chance you gave us, so people can learn more about us !

Well we ‘ll give it you straight and clean. Grande Fox project from the beginning was all about making something new , innovative , different from others. From the start we knew exactly what we wanted to achieve. As kids we always had the dream to rock around the world , create new music with our personal signature and get in touch with many people around the globe.

The name of the band has two meanings . The word “ Grande” represents the great will to achieve our dreams , make them come true every time , overcoming countless difficulties on a personal level each one of us individually and as a team. Our vision is clear for what we are aiming for and the deposition of the soul takes place to such an extent that the word “sacrifice” sounds little. We have never belonged to high and favorable strata. We are some average people who live among others in a society that bleeds everyday but the thing that makes us a bit different is that we are fiercely chasing to achieve our vision and express our creativity and imagination in new ways in order to unite with thew world around us.

As for the world “fox” its actually simple. We did some digging about how an animal like this lives in nature and we simply loved it. Its an animal that holds a great spirit within . Its clever , it strikes fast to catch a prey and is also beautiful when you it. Pretty seductive of how it moves and survives among others and sometimes bigger predators. Definately representing our spirit in many ways…

-There are many influences at your playing and at your compositions .

Which bands are considered as the ones that inspire you give shape to your music ?

Yes it’s true that we have a wide range of influences from many kinds of music and groups around the world. We have never been locked in one category only , and the tendency for experimentation that is evident in almost every one of our creations also plays a role in this.

Literally the bands we like are so many that it’s impossible to name them all here. But here are some of our favorite artists that we love to listen until today … Korn , Jeff Buckley , Red hot chili peppers , Disturbed , Godsmack , BMTH , Audioslave , RATM , Architects , Tool , Linkin Park , P.O.D , Limp Bizkit , Pink Floyd , Bad Company , Falling In Reverse , Parkway Drive , Kyuss , My Sleeping Karma and many many others ….

-What you consider as your key points in the creation of your album “Space Nest” ? Have we seen all the aspects of Grande Fox through that album , or should expect something extremely new on the next one ?

Keys for us in terms of our first Lp album Space Nest is mainly the thirst for the first official creation which is accompanied by many bright colors from piece to piece with green dominating the overall sound. Stylistically the intense turmoil of various situations on a personal level during the recordings played a big role , but at the same time the intense imagination and mood for experimentation. There is a mysterious and underground sense of hearing in several parts of the album. Hidden messages and images are created when someone pays a lot of attention and dives deep in our music. We wanted people to imagine things while listening this album in order to take them to places perhaps unexplored until that moment.

We have a lot to say and offer to the listeners and this can be seen in other creations such as the EP album “Kulning” and our Single “Documento”. Nevertheless they are not the only projects you will hear from us . Very soon the second LP album “Empty Nest” will be released in which you will find different aesthetics,music and lyrics than you were used to listen from us. Stay tuned as this work will be upgraded in many ways , it will be eccentric , and probably will divide you in many ways . It will will have a lot of visuals and it aims to shake the waters and express those who have been thirsty for something fresh , new , for so long. It’s gonna be different , authentic as always and truly “Grande”… The main feeling of the album is anger. We wont say more for now… Stay tuned !!

-How the recent situation with the worldwide pandemic of Covid 19 affected you as a band , and how you thing it affected the music industry worldwide ?

Well , maybe at the beginning it affected us a little bit psychologically as we lost some closed appearances for Greece and abroad , for example the gig in Bucharest , Romania alongside with the Villagers Of Ioannina City.

We are deeply saddened by the loss of many lives and fellow human beings and we wish the rest o the world strength and health !

Nevertheless , we decided not to fall into the trap and remain inactive. We started working harder and so we saved a lot of time to achieve many goals at a time when everything was “frozen”.

We are people who in difficult times take everything personally and work like helldogs with great fury to achieve our goals. It would never throw us a pandemic as long as we have and take care of our health measures with responsibility for ourselves and those around us.

As for the general damage caused in the field of music and entertainment worldwide , we know from our partners and other friendly bands that it was a devastating blow that cuts deep. The damage is great for musicians living from their art , shopkeepers , concert organizers , sound engineers and companies and so on… We wish for them strength luck and trust to themselves.

-How do you think this situation will affect the live scene in the near future ?

The live scene has already been negatively affected … All that can be done for the time being is to adapt to the new rules necessary for our health and in combination with everyone’s attention to the issue of hygiene, we will all be able to take steps forward until this storm passes. The damage was done , the goal now is to adapt to the difficulties and gradually overcome them all together , strong and healthy !

Because without health we will not be able to rejoice together and create memories that will remain in us for years to come.

-Do you think that the technology we have nowadays can help a musician evolve and share his music in a situation like the quarantine ? Did you try anything new as a band in terms of technological engagement in order to reach out to your fans during the quarantine ?

Technology can contribute both positively and negatively to a human being today. It always depends on the use that everyone makes and of course for what purpose they use it. It as a multi-tool for those who are looking for and want to evolve in areas where the proportional use of machines is not convenient when you are locked down. With the right technology you can play music with others without even being physically in the same room . If you wanna keep evolving you ll find your own way and technology can provide that .

What we did was to move on registering new ideas that we could use in a project in the future. But we did also something we are not used to doing under normal circumstances. We created consulting videos with our partners where we refer people to pay attention to their personal hygiene and also announced through this way our future steps .

-Tell us a few things about your lyrical concepts . They seem like a mix of the real life world events , political and social corruption and conspiracy theories. Are these your source of inspiration ?

Yeah in general what you mention are inspirational points that generate lyrics. But , they are not the only elements you will find in our creations. Depending on the song and vibe that dominates or the message we want to pass on to the world , we always write the corresponding lyrics. We have been inspired by historical events of ancient Rome , from current events involving bloodshed and modern massacres on the altar of money and power. We have had the fortune to receive racist comments and decided to write about racism , we have to mention that we hate also fascism and all kinds of physical or spiritual violence ! It has other times to inspired by personal experiences and other difficulties of life , close to death incidents and stuff like that and you get so much closed inside you to the point that you are faced with depression but also unlike them to be inspired by very bright moments with unique people and moments of joy.

Everything for us is a stimulus, we are people who feel a lot and we see with the eyes of the soul first and we feel a very big variety of vibes around us to very great extent so even if you notice in our creations there is often a mood swing and change of direction .

One great motivation for us sometimes is anger and rage. We try with great mastery to artistically capture these two fiery emotions. And the reason why ? Well take a look around … What do you see ? Pain , misery , injustice … We have reached 2020 and we are still living medieval times . All these must end. World must unite.

-You have released a really interesting – abstract kind of vibe – video for your track Documento. Tell us a few words about the whole concept !

Documento is a brief personalization of what we mentioned above. We were inspired by literally observing today. Our feelings were mixed . The rage that results from something unjust that is constantly happening around us , which for known reasons remains uncontrollable , prevailed. All this violence in thousands forms … coercion and modern slavery everywhere ! Man was made to be free not to serve bosses. Money destroys human minds and the planet as an outcome . There is no true education in schools . Poverty prevails . Is it possible for children to die in Africa , Syria and etc while a footballer makes millions ? We live in a sick reality and we have made the things fashionable ! Humanity is life threatening on the planet and it is time for us all to wake up and become aware ! Documento talks about all these things in many ways . With lyrics , with its red color that the cover represents , with the music and artwork that aesthetically places you inside the machine of the system .

Time to open our eyes and take a look around .

-Are there any plans for live touring after the lockdown ?

Of course , in view of the new album that will be released , we plan to make a tour both in Greece and in Europe in order to promote our new creation and make a contact with the world. There are still some closed dates but also open for the time being as all the lives seem to be destined for 2021.

-Is there anything you would like to share with your fans ?

We would like to share with you all new moments and find you close to us after the pandemic , strong and healthy . We are here with you in the same camp with our weapons of patience and will for creation and we are working feverishly to share with you light and joy . May you all be well , the best is yet to come !!!