Hello guys and thank you for your time! - First of all we tell us a few words about your name and what does it mean?

Good evening thank you for having us. The name doesn’t have a specific meaning, it came to me by mixing the words enigma and stigma. For me though this word has a special meaning, it was a brand new start - Can you go back at the first day of composing the songs for Reforming the Universe?! What inspired you?

Back then I was in a really bad place after a really hard breakup so this was the fuel that started the En-Stigma machine - Tell us a few words about your main musical influences and what genres you tend to combine in your music?

I’m influenced by many genres of metal and by Greek folk music called rebetiko which uses the bouzouki and all the lute style instruments of Greek tradition and I believe that all those genres are combined to create my style of composition - Your album is a mix of clean and brutal vocals combined with melodies and heavy riffs. How was the procedure of bringing all this together?

It really was easier than I initially thought because all the friends working with me were really cooperative - During the composition process, do you guys compose a song all together or the ideas come from one of you?

For the composition of this album I worked the basis by myself and everyone else put the things that made the album what it is - How about the lyrical themes and the concepts you incorporate in your music?

The concept idea and some lyrics were created by me and of course giving that idea to some of the singers I worked with they created some great lyrics themselves

- How the recent situation with the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 affected you as a band?

Because En-Stigma is a project there was no problems caused by the pandemic for us but I sympathize with all the professional musicians and producers because I know what they’re going through cause of many of my friends who are professionals -How do you see the future of music industry according to the recent lockdown events?

It will be really difficult if this situation continues as it was and I hope these difficult days will end soon

- Is there anything you would like to share with your fans?

Everyone should be careful stay safe, eat healthy, exercise, and make every day you have the best you can, stay positive and love yourself and everything will be ok and in your dark moments don’t forget music’s there for you!!