Interview with ''Curse of Eibon'' from Sweden

Curse of Eibon is a Death Metal band from Sweden. Great atmosphere with a specific this band can make the difference. If you are into Death Metal you should definitely check them out.

Hello Curse of Eibon and welcome to Aegis

Hi and thank you so much for having us!

When was the band created and what need make you create Curse of Eibon?

Curse of Eibon was created in April of 2020.

The “need” was to create a mix of melodic death metal with atmospheric elements and

occult themes.

Please tell us about the name of the band. Who named it and what is the curse of Eibon

Curse of Eibon is a name taken from the wizard Eibon in a H.P lovecraft novel.

Eibon wrote the tombe “Book of Eibon” who contains magical spells and summoning

rituals. But as you might know, using such spells might not end well, hence the curse.

Sweden is a country with much history in Death Metal with big names in the scene. What do you think will make the difference for your band and how far do you feel Curse of Eibon can go?

Yes, we are quite known for a lot of great names in the death metal genre.

But we aren't quite like all other bands, we have a specific theme and a specific sound

and elements that make us a little bit different. How far we can go all depends on how

much people will enjoy our music. But we are hoping to take it as far as we can manage.

Your EP ‘’Book of Eibon’’ was recently released. Tell us a few things about your song writing process and how did the recordings go? Now that is finished is it anything you would change?

The process usually starts with Fredrik laying down a basic drum pattern and writes the

choirs and or strings. Then Martin lays down a guitar base and Anders records the

drums and then Mathias lays down the bass. Then we tweak the song until we are happy

and finally comes the vocals. I think we are quite happy with the EP, it laid down the

foundation for the next release.

After an EP usually comes a full length album. Can we expect that from you?

Of course! Our main goal is to release a full album and it will be a interesting one for


Would you describe ‘’Curse of Eibon’’ as a live or studio band?

Good question, I think we are both. But as you know 2020 was not ideal to go out and

play live.

Finally how did this virus thing affect your band and what are your next steps going to be.

To be honest, without the virus I am not sure we would've created Curse of Eibon , so

obviously something good came out of all this.

Our next step is focusing to get our next release done and find a home for it.

Thanks for your time

It was a pleasure, thank you for having us