Interview with City of thieves

A very British hard rock band as they describe themselves in facebook. We are talking about City of Thieves from London. Ben from the band gave this interview to Aegis Magazine, talking about their upcoming live at Savino Live this Saturday at 22:30 and many more.

1. First of all let us get to know you. Who writes your songs? What are the main topics for most of your songs and do you think this topics will change over time?

Hi, Ben here. The songs are always based around real life experiences, anything and everything. There's a lot in there about the scene in London where we cut our teeth and how it has disappeared over the last 10 years. All the bars and pubs we used to play have been closed down, turned into supermarkets and flats. It's still a problem so I imagine we'll keep shouting about it. There's also stuff in there about relationships, shit bands clogging up the scene, beer, friends.

2. Could you describe the music-making process?

Jamie and I spent our twenty's shattering the piece in his parents small house in Twickenham. We just wrote music we wanted to play live. Jamie and I have always made the initial demos of the songs. We send them off to Will who comes back to us with groove ideas like where to sink bass and kick drum kits etc

3. In those 4 years what do you enjoy most about being a musician and what do you hate?

We have been together for 10 years. We changed the band name 4 years ago because while the public were coming out in droves to see us, the industry were not. We changed the name, did exactly the same thing and got signed to the wonderful Frontiers.

We enjoy playing live and touring the most. The UK tour with Inglorious back in Feb 2019 was epic and a particular career highlight for me.

4. How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

We started to include drop tunings a few years ago. Also since becoming a 3 piece we rig up a nifty trick with Jamie bass to double him up and occupy Rhythm guitar frequencies as well.

5. What are the biggest challenges that a band has to face in U.K these days?

All the pubs are closing down. Hotels sometimes get funny about more than 2 adults sharing a room.

6. Do you have an album that changed your life?

All three of us would answer this differently. for me it wasn't an album but a live DVD of Stevie Ray Vaughen live @ El Mocambo. I've watched it a 1000 times.

7. Do you think you live in a City-country of thieves?

Yes. It's take what you can and give nothing back out there. We've been ripped off, underpaid, helped bands come to London on a gig swap basis only for them NOT to offer us a gig in their town in return. 3 outstanding that i can think of.

8. If you had the power what would you first change in the world?

War, Oil, Get rid of human beings, where do you want to start?

9. What can we expect from you in Cyprus and what do you expect from the audience?

A big fuckoff party!!!!!

Thanks and looking forward to watching you playing live