In anticipation of Dark Poetry’s SPECIMEN

by Maria (Mouv) Kouvarou

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This coming Saturday, February the 1st, we join the party at Steps Bar to celebrate with Dark Poetry the release of their debut album, SPECIMEN. We are definitely in anticipation of this new addition to our playlists, as well as to laying our hands on one of the 300 Silkscreen, handprinted CDs that will be available for sale.

And for good reasons – allow me to name just two.

Firstly, the album has been heralded by the release two years ago of Dark Poetry’s self-titled EP, featuring the tracks “Ghost” and “Absence”. This was a 12+something-minute gem made of (dirty/sludg-ey) metal and spiced up with the Middle Eastern flavor that Dark Poetry know well how to throw in their music.

And secondly… well, better to do less typing and just share a song from the upcoming album:

Album info:

SPECIMEN is being released by Deathhammer Records and Undersound and is recorded, engineered and mixed by Andreas Matheou. The mastering is done by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, Portland, Oregon USA.

Tracklist: 1. Specimen Evil 2. Deep Black Eye 3. War 4. Your Own God 5. Blasphemy 6. Limbo 7. Reborn 8. Dead Silence

And... a bit of who is who:

Despite this being their first album release, the Nicosia-based band has been active since 2002. After a line-up change, the band acquired its current form in 2010, with Antreas Kallis (Drums), Harry Andreou (Guitars), Petros Koutzis (Vocals) and Michael Angeli (Bass guitar). 

Dark Poetry were dedicated from the very beginning to the composition of original songs, while for their numerous live performances they have shared the stage with acts like Sepultura, Septic Flesh, 1000mods, Tuber, Villagers Of Ioannina City, Dark Quarterer and many more.

You can see the event details here and find out more about the band on Dark Poetry’s FB page.

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