Impressions from Into the Limbo 2019

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

by Maria Kouvarou (Mouv)

The calendar said Saturday, July 13th, and the destination could only be one. Into the Limbo, of course.

Framed by the typical idyllic scenery of the abandoned village Agios Sozomenos, but with the stage (an actual above-the-ground-and-visible-by-everybody stage for that matter) set at a different side, the stoner psychedelic rock festival held its date, bringing a fierce line up that lived up to everyone’s expectations.

Reaching the location early enough to catch the first, I was lucky to indulge in the post-rock instrumental endeavors of the Cypriot band Monk FX, who took the stage around 7:15pm. A 45-minute set filled with melodic trips, indispensable repetitions and the necessary explosions that led to release. Five skilled musicians who love their craft and show it, and definitely know how to share it.

A while after 8pm the four-piece Nicosian band Cactus Cult took the musical baton to offer us their share of stoner metal music. Their performance and attitude did not for once reflect on the fact that Cactus Cult is, in fact, a fairly new quartet with just one earlier appearance on their bio. On the contrary. For sure, they did an excellent job in warming the atmosphere, preparing us appropriately for the landing of…

Cowboys & Aliens. What can one say about C&As. These guys served us a good dose of hard-rock stoner blend, right about the time when the crowd was ready to take it all and give it all back in return. Theirs was a heated performance fuelled by immaculate music and hints of humour made in Belgium and baptized in cosmic heights. Apart from their own fiery heavy riff-based trips, C&A also played their cover of Kyuss’ “Gardenia”. An awesome band I would really want to have the opportunity to catch again.

Soon, the time came for Stoned Jesus. An unexpected 5-minute sound-check-like banter preceded what seemed to be a highly anticipated appearance, but their first notes managed to swipe any awkwardness away. Among a broken string and a very brief power failure, the renowned Ukrainian stoners played songs from all their four albums, including the highly popular “Black Woods” and “I’m the Mountain”. The latter was combined with an extra something that most of us were entirely unprepared for. This was a cover of the chorus of “Savvato” by Mazonakis, ornamented with the appropriate stoner mood and with its Greek lyrics coloured with a Ukrainian pronunciation. It goes without saying that the audience wanted more and got more.

Automaton, the psychedelic doom/post metal band from Athens was the one to close the event. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons I had to miss their set, but my “research” and various conversations with the ones who were there clearly showed that they had been given the last slot for good reasons, being heavy, sludge-y and catastrophic in the good sense. Basically, every comment about Automaton let out that they should not had been missed (my listening of their two albums suggests the same) and now I have to wait for them to come back, or I have to make sure I catch one of their gigs in Athens (if cosmic synchronicity allows).

All in all, this time Limbo was even more organised. Despite the practical difficulties borne by the location, Undersound managed once again to make its wonder and to take care of everything. Literally. Everything was in place, everything functioned as it should, and everything allowed for the immense enjoyment of the event. Enjoyment of all by an event for all… for the music lovers and the musicians, the barefoot and the fire-dancers, the supermans and the style-icons, and, most of all, the stoners and the dreamers.

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