‘’Have Courage Dear Heart’’ by Liv Kristine Pre-release Album Review

When you have to make a revıew for an album wıth such a charısmatıc voice lıke Lıv Krıstıne’s, you know even before you hear it that it will be both easy and hard at the same time. From the 90’s with Theatre of Tragedy until her most recent personal albums, Liv’s voice can never let you down! So sweet and familiar this voice can enchant you either through the dark and atmospheric sounds of Theatre of Tragedy, or the gentle ‘’Deus Ex Machina’’, but also through Liv’s latest collaboration with ‘’COLDBOUND’’.

With that been said, but also with the fact that this magazine’s name was inspired by the album ‘’Aegis’’ from Theatre of Tragedy, someone might say that I cannot be objective. Never the less here are my honest thoughts about the album ‘’Have Courage Dear Heart’’ by Liv Kristine.

We have 10 songs in this compilation EP. Four of them are new songs plus five live recordings.

First song of the EP is ‘’Serenity’’. A fast tempo track, in which the voice works perfectly with the music for a dynamic result. Orchestration builds this song in a wonderful way, leaving you in the end with a feeling that you need the song to last longer.

Emotional in a very personal way, comes the next song ‘’Have Courage Dear Heart’’. In this song I was impressed by the work done in the orchestration. From start to end it multiplies all the feelings that the song has to offer.

The next 2 songs ‘’Skylight’’ and ‘’Gravity’’ have already been released as singles, so I will assume that you have already heard them. If you haven’t you should! One thing is sure. Those 2 songs work perfectly with the first 2 to combine this EP.

It’s the first time that Liv Kristine releases live recordings and this has its own special value. The recordings were done in 2019 at Nagold, Germany. 3 of these songs are from previous personal albums, plus ‘’Siren’’ from the album ‘’Aegis’’ by Theatre of Tragedy. This shall give you a glimpse inside a live concert with Liv Kristine. With the well known ‘’Ave Maria’’ at the end, those live recordings will get you a first row ticket to the next concert that Liv will play in your town.

To close up I feel that this is more an album and less an EP. Love the way all 10 songs succeed each other combining an album that can cover a wide audience.

We never grade an album because we believe there is no right way to grade art, so I will not do it for this album either. What I can do is to recommend ‘’Have Courage Dear Heart’’ to everyone without reservation. As for me, I am sure that those songs will accompany me on many journeys ahead….