By Andreas Andreou

What got me interested with Norwald, was the fact that the lyrics are all about a world that exists in Patri Griefs’ mind. Power Metal, with female vocals, which many fans of this music will really appreciate.

Hello Norwald, let me welcome you to Aegis. First of all let us get to know you. Who are the band members? Please feel free to share some information about what you like, what kind of music you listen to and what are your interests individually.

Ann Meseguer (lead singer):

“I listen to gothic metal and I really enjoy listening to Nightwish and Epica. I love listening to the vocal skill of other singers too.”

Patri Grief (lead guitarist, composer and creator of the fantastic world and its stories):

“I mostly listen to metal. My favorite band is Nightwish, but I’m a big fan of Children of Bodom, Wintersun and Delain. Also, I love classical music and pretty much everything that makes me feel deeply. Personally, I invest most of my time into Norwald really. I’ve got a lot of work to do with the stories, and many different things to explore in the project itself.”

Frehul Martinez (keyboard player):

“I like a lot of music styles (classical music, celtic, folk, singer/songwriter music,

rock n roll, some blues) but I mainly listen to heavy and symphonic metal, bands like

Nightwish, Visions Of Atlantis, Judas Priest or Tierra Santa.

I used to spend my time watching movies, reading, playing videogames, but mostly

playing the keyboards, listening to music and taking care of my social life.”

Jeffrey Garcia (bassist):

“I love metal, especially melodic death metal, death metal and metalcore. I also really enjoy cooking and sports.”

Alejandro Leonidas (rhythm guitarist and second voice):

“I normally listen to all kinds of metal, but I mostly love progressive and thrash metal.

My favorite bands are Iron Maiden, Mastodon and Annihilator. I love history and

mythology, and that’s why I love Norwald stories.”

How did you come together and form Norwald?

“Norwald started as a project a very long time ago, but until now Patri has been

looking for the perfect people to form the band. She has known almost all of the

members for a long period of time, and when the band already had most of the

members, they started asking if somebody knew the lacking ones. Soon they started to get along themselves apart from Patri, as they didn’t know each other until they

started playing together.”

How does the process of song-writing work for you?

Patri: “I do the full process. First, I get to know what I want to say, which part of the

story I’m going to tell, let’s say “the episode”. Then I start looking for a tune I find

related to the topic, or a riff, a rhythm, anything that makes me think “that’s it” and

then develop it until the song is fully finished. I compose with the guitar, which is the

major line, and normally I continue with the keyboards and vocals.”

The concept you have to combine Metal with an imaginary world is really interesting. How did this idea come up?

Patri:It’s a long story really. I always loved fantasy and one day I decided to create a tiny world to run away to when I felt like I needed it. But it started growing up with me and I wanted to play these stories in form of music.”

Is this world evolving or is it fixed in your minds?

Patri:Well! It actually evolves to be more mature, and with more sense. I mean, there are some things that will not change, but there are many others that are new and complete the base I created a long time ago. Right now I’m working on the animals and their ecosystems!”

What do each of you feel is the most important thing of this world?

For Patri, the most important thing is that it’s a safe place. A place to think about

when you feel down. It’s fantasy, so everyone is welcome to explore the stories,

characters, and music.

The band members think that the best part is the world-building, because it makes the world interesting without needing a story.

What have you recorded until now and what are your plans?

We have recorded a complete CD (11 songs - 45 minutes). The plans are to promote it as much as we can, keep working in our visuals for concerts and work, grow musically and have fun.”

What are your Dreams with the band?

“To have the privilege of living thanks to what we love the most: music. Meeting new

people and travelling, thanks to Norwald.”

Now let’s get a little ‘personal’. What do you love and what do you hate about the real world?

“This is going to be hard to answer, but we’ll try our best. Each individual has its own

story, and it’s wonderful because actually THAT’s what creates fantasy. The counterpart is pain, hate and hypocrisy.”

Is Norwald a way out of the real world?

“Somehow, not only for ourselves but also for anyone that would like to explore a

new fantasy world.”

And finally, each of you tell me your thoughts to this words.


“We have to be informed about this topic to be able to grow and help other people.”


“It shouldn’t exist.”


“We like its sound, it’s very relaxing.”


“Some band members don’t actually like the mountains, but most of them love going

to spend the afternoon.”


“From history’s point of view, it always worked to change stuff that doesn’t really work.”