DRAMA NOIR- “Princess Airam” album review

Drama Noir were created in Greece in 2017 by Paul Papathanasiou and in 2018 they eleased their album '' Princess Airam ''.

With a combination of Black and Death Symphonic Metal '' Princess Airam '' is a record that friends of that kind of music will not be disappointed to hear.

7 songs in total and they all have something to give. Although the album was released just over a year after the creation of Drama Noir, I feel that Paul Papathanasiou had worked a great deal with it even before he found the rest of the band members, since it is a solid and complete work.

Many influences and the band didn't try to 'hide' them. But what makes this album stand out is the fact that these influences give something fresh and ultimately something new.

The female vocals that dominate a number of songs on the album can by no means go unnoticed. Impressive dynamics and ethereal create a lot of atmosphere and when finished listening to the album offered a lot of emotion

All there is left to do is listen to them live, as the record created the need/curiosity to see and listen how Drama Noir performs these songs live.

From '' Princess Airam '' I singled out '' The curse of Seth '' and the albums’ homonymous song '' Princess Airam ''.

I will definitely be waiting for the band's next album and I hope to have seen them live again by then.


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