BLYND interview

What was that urged you to the creation of the band 14 years ago and which bands influenced you then?

First of all I would like to thank you for the interview and the support. We are indeed a band for the last 14 years, however we are only active in discography and with a fixed line up for the last 8 years. What pushed us was the love we had for metal music as fans ourselves and of course the experience of being on stage and playing your own songs. The bands that influenced us come from almost all the branches of metal music, I could name some but they are too many!

What was the metal scene in Cyprus like then and how has it changed through the years?

The scene is better now, with more bands, more shows, better musical level and easier access abroad. Nowadays, if you want to know about the fans, you do not only look at those old metal parties, they are more open and more diverse.

BLYND are well respected both in Cyprus and abroad. Is this merely due to the quality of your music or do other things play a role as well? What advice would you give to band starting their career now?

Yes of course, the quality of music plays a significant role, but the most important thing is that at the end of every show anywhere we might be playing, we will be down with the fans drinking beers with them… what someone sees on stage is what we also are in our everyday life. The advice I would give to new bands is that they should have a good time together and try to separate the band from anything else.

Given what you know now, are there things you would have done differently if you could turn back time?

Yes, there are certain things we would change if we could turn back time. We essentially learn from our mistakes and carry on. This is life after all!

You have played in well-known festivals abroad. How was this experience like?

We have learned how things work abroad and how it is to be a part of big productions, how it is to meet fans from all over the world, but also, as fans ourselves, to meet bands we have always admired and drink beers with them in the V.I.P areas.

Is making certain sacrifices important in order to be part of a band? Financial, family etc

Yes there are huge sacrifices, both financial and regarding our families, which at times make us wonder we keep doing what we do. Of course, everything passes when we release a new album and go on tour. After all, this is an expensive hobby we have chosen.

Liber sum is your last album. What is its general concept musically and lyrics-wise?

We can easily say that Liber Sum is our most focused album until now, both musically and in terms of lyrics. Lyrics-wise, the album is influenced by the famous phrase said by Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis “I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free”. We took this idea and combined it with our own history in Cyprus and the general face of humanity from the old days until today. For example, we used the idea that from Ancient Rome until today, everything is food for entertainment. Musically, we kept what we like from Punishment Unfolds, but moved to a darker style with some symphonic elements.

Are there any though about a new album? Where do you stand on that matter?

Yes, we are at the process of writing and sharing ideas about the direction of the next album, however it is too soon to give out more details.

And finally…Is god dead? How free are we as human beings today?

I don’t know if God is dead or if he ever existed at all, what I know is that human beings can be the most dangerous animal on the planet and destroy everything in the name of God, who for some is just an invisible entity in the sky, while for other it can be money or even their own self. How free we are is debatable. For example, there are countries where a woman cannot even get a driving license, while in others a woman can go as high as the position of the president. There are tribes in Africa who might not even know the meaning of holidays, but can be happier and more fulfilled than me and you…this is actually a very big debate.