And the Scarlett are back…

After many years since this all girls band stopped playing now are back (after popular demand I imagineJ). The band announced their comeback thru Social Media presenting also their new Scarlett Christina Kaniclidou.

Christina studied guitar and music and

sonic media in England where she was also in a girls band named ‘’Veni Vidi Vici’’ recording with them 1 EP and 2 singles. Interesting fact is that Marianna Kofterou, lead vocals in ‘’Scarlett Echoes’’ was her English teacher at the age of 15! Wonder how this works .

Now the band members are Marianna Kofterou: lead vocals, Elena Erotokritou: guitars, Christina Kaniclidou: guitars, back vocals, Eliana Pavlou: bass, back vocals, Stella Kouloukousa: drum kit.

So welcome back Scarlett! Hope for an album this time and many lives after all this Corona madness ends