Album Review; "Lunar Eclipse", Stonus (EP)

by Maria Kouvarou

Stonus, the heavy stoner rock band from Cyprus, make their discographic comeback with another EP, titled Lunar Eclipse, a music testimony that in almost 25 minutes offers the listener an interchange of emotions and moods.

In an esoteric manner that makes justice to the style of music they serve, the Cypriot stoner rockers manage to externalize mental and emotional processes that can touch everyone, and especially the followers of this music genre.

This is communicated clearly with the opening track, “Reflection”, that, despite being brief in duration, it prompts us to an introspection, but in no way serves as a warning for the faster, heavier and more powerful “Aspirin” that comes next. Following the adrenaline dose, we are called back inside again, with the slower and more atmospheric “Spiritual”, that makes fair justice to its name. And then comes “Lunar”, the lengthier track on the EP, which appears to be the musical milestone of Stonus’ music expedition. Its sudden ending, and the EP’s brief epilogue with “Euphoric Misery”, leave us with a sense of unfulfillment, a sense that this music call should go on for a bit more.

Unambiguously psychedelic with progressive hints, this EP flows smoothly, with its tracks positioned in such a progression as to resemble an emotional cycle that begins and ends internally. Stoner rock is not about technical skills and virtuosities, and it surely is in Stonus’ favour that they make no pretentious efforts to blabber musically and to impress in these terms. At the same time, the fact that the vocals are used as another instrument that blends in with the musical whole, other times as spoken word, others as distorted sound and others as clean singing, is but another advantage.

Nonetheless, and despite personally being a fan of the DIY feel and sound in recordings, I do believe that the result would had been even better with a bit more polishing. And by no means here do I refer to a clean, crystal clear audio result, but rather to the containment of the DIY feel to the extent that would further add to the soul-searching process that willingly or not comes with this music trip. Put otherwise, I believe that Lunar Eclipse would merit significantly from a production that would feel less like a home-studio recording and more like a mental trip that takes place out in the open skies.

These technical aspects aside, Stonus make a certain statement, communicating their possibilities, and the fact that they still have a lot to bring. They make clear that they can write and testify songs with musical depth and essence, bring their potentials to our notice, and leave us anticipating for their next musical endeavour.

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