Album review-Astrarot

Let’s talk about and their album We can’t win. We receive a lot of emails for album reviews and most of them are really good. Astrarot is one of the bands that have something more and give you the feeling that they are here to stay.

We can’t win is an album very well-worked. With powerful guitars and fast paced drums, the guys from Thessaloniki place themselves from their debut album at the nu Metal map.

A full 12-track record and still you don't understand how time has passed while listening to it. With many points that will remind you of Slipknot and Korn with a punk mood, the end result is flawless.

The album's homonymous song stands out musically from the rest of the album which generally has an aggression necessary for the genre Astrarot represents.

From the album I separated Enemy and Cunt. A record I highly recommend if you are friends of this genre of music.