Aeons In Solitude-Interview

An amazing band from Greece just released their 1st song/video and soon they will release the whole album. Aeons in Solitude are here with us and we will share some info with them

Alex: Hello there! It’s an honor!

First of all, who are the Aeons In Solitude?

Alex: Aeons In Solitude was formed by me, at first as a solo project back in 2016 and evolved into a full band on May 2018. After some line up changes, the band consists of Panagiotis Leontaritis and Theo Leoutsakos on guitars, Demetrius Moustakis on the bass guitar, George Zouborlis on the drums and me on vocals

What was your dream with this band?

Alex: First of all, as a doom metal fan, I wanted to create something different in the doom metal genre. So I sat down and searched for elements that I didn’t want to add to my project. Then, with the help of my long time friend, teacher and producer Vangelis Yalamas, who owns Fragile Studio in Athens, we managed to create a unique sound of the band. We mixed Doom Metal with progressive elements. We made 8 songs different and similar at the same time and, voila, first mission accomplished! Furthermore, the recording process is the best teacher for a musician. During the sessions I was able to explore my vocal abilities (I still have long, long way to go!) and evolve. So, second mission accomplished! And last but not least, as a teenager who had love for metal and no fucking idea about anything else, I had a dream: I wanted to form a band and hold my album in my hands. Now, the band’s debut album ‘’Mourning Cloak’’ is completed and scheduled to be released on 2020. So, third mission is almost accomplished! We are so close!

Recently, you released a new song. Can you tell us about it?

Alex: ‘’Until The End’’ is one of my favorite songs. The lyrics are inspired from a classic horror movie. I won’t tell you which one, but I’m sure that the horror movie fans will not have enough trouble in finding who this man is, talking to his Mother ;) is Also, we released it as a rehearsal performance video to take you inside the studio during action and show you that we are working hard for the upcoming shows.

Before releasing the album you already prepared 2 official video clips, tell us about them

Alex: The first one, called ‘’Age of Darkness’’ was the first song that I wrote for the band. Actually it is the song that is responsible for the band’s existence! So I thought that it would be fun to be the song that will introduce the people to the band. The second one, called ‘’White Witch’’ is the perfect taste of the band’s sound, because in it you can find classic doom metal elements that die-hard fans love and some other elements that make the difference. Also, it features the final production of the album. All videos are directed and edited by Vangelis Yalamas. This man rocks!

When can we expect the release of your album?

Alex: Right now, via Angels PR Music Promotion, we sent the album to record labels around the world. I hope that in the early 2020, the album will be on our hands!

Do you have plans for shows in the near future?

Alex: We have plenty of shows in 2020 (one show is an opening act for a legendary band, but I cannot reveal it yet). When we know the exact dates, we will announce them

Thank you for the interview, please share something with us

Alex: I want to thank you for the interview, too. Also, to all the people out there, thank you for your feedback and support! I want to thank my band members for being here with me (it’s an honor boys), and last but not least, Vangelis Yalamas for his precious help and Eleni Konstantaki, my vocal coach. See you in 2020! Take care!