"A Dark Lament" debut album by Mortem Atra

On December 6th the debut album of Mortem Atra titled "A Dark Lament" is going to be released. After seeing this band live and I already had a very positive opinion so I didn't want to be disappointed by their record attempt.

The musical path chosen by Mortem Atra is certainly, difficult since combining brutal male vocals with ethereal female vocals can easily lead to tragic results. Having listened to the album now I can say with confidence that I am a fan of the band from Cyprus.

The album will conquer you from the introduction and will keep its promise for the next songs to follow. An important element in this genre is the atmosphere it creates and in this album it is disarming. It will remind you in some parts bands like Theater of Tragedy in their original legendary albums especially where the keyboards are taking charge.

Mortem Atra with "A Dark Lament" set the bar high both for themselves and for bands that want to serve Melodic Doom on our island.

From this album the songs that stood out for me were Evil Rise and Mirror, though I would urge you to listen to Mortem Atra's work first before finding your favorites.

MORTEM ATRA line-up: Takis Antoniou – Vocals Christina Papadjiakou – Keyboards /Vocals Marios Gavrielides – Rhythm and Lead Guitar Valantis Pavlou – Rhythm and Lead Guitar Aris Ioannou – Bass Antonis Papas – Drums (album drums recorded by Tasos Bratsos)