5RAND-new album

A coin from Africa, a strange man, a guitarist with dreams, and today we have 5RAND. The band was created in 2015 and until today they already came a long way. With an album with great reviews and powerful lives 5RAND will surely be here for many years to come.

But lets take things from the beginning. 5RAND were created in 2015 in Italy. Band members are Vocals:Julia Elenoir ,Guitars: Pierluigi Carocci, Bass Guitar: Riccardo Zito Drums: Andrea De Carolis . They have one album that came out in 2017 called Sacred/Scared. Sheared the stage with established bands from metal like Dark Tranquillity, Behemoth, Sepultura, Cradle of Filth and many more

Melodic but hard guitars combined with the voice of Julia Elenoir πwith both extreme and clean vocals, make a characteristic new sound.

In September 6th the band announced a new album release, called ‘’DARK MOTHER’’. Η The new studio album will have 11 songs and is now available to pre-order here .