5 Ways to Make a Metal-head Like Gabba Music

So far i had the opportunity to write in Aegis about the music, I love the most, assuming that you will get into the deep right away. This time around I will do my best, search and find tunes that are closer to your current liking's, Gabba music that includes distorted guitars and other elements found in Metal, the music from where my revolution started, and through which i was introduced and later embrace gabba music. Gabba music after-all has roots and in Metal music even though not always is shown right away. If you are ready, let get started then, shall we?

1) Riot Squad

This band project is the child of Neophyte, Tieum, and RobGee. Its sole philosophy is comping hardcore/gabber music with hardcore metal. If you need to start somewhere then Riot Squad would be your gateway.

2) Deadly Guns

This next one, is Deadly Guns, one of the new Elite artists, proving to be one hell of a beast. His tunes are top notch and this one, I’ve chosen for you will make bang your head till no return!

3) Dr. Peacock & N-vitral: Disorder

Moving on, assuming that you are starting to develop a liking for this scene, will present you a banger. This one is a collaboration track between the aforementioned artists. This time they covered up and remixed a tune by System of a down, the track toxicity. They had taken edits of the track to develop the remix in order to combine the original parts with hardcore!

4)DJ Mad Dog [Linkin Park - One Step Closer, BOOTLEG]

Dj Mad Dog is one of the pioneer of the scene with lots of hits in his portfolio, its not a usual thing to see him combine metal elements into hardcore, but for this tune he created a covered remix of the nu-metals’ band Linkin Park and the track One Step Closer

5)The Sickest Squad

This Italian Duo are known for their aggressive (musical) behavior, and its not the first time we see some sort of metal/ rock elements in their music! This time i present you one of my favorite remixes they did. I present you their take on Bad Wolves infamous song Zombie.

For those who hear the whispers i have two last bonus track to listen!

This time by Dr. Peacock, a remix cover Of Iron maidens’ song Fear of the dark:

And the last one comes from the hands of The Satan himeself! :)