Aégis Rock & Metal Magazine was born in Cyprus in 2016 from music lovers who are active participants of the Cypriot music scene. As fans and followers of various rock and metal genres, they wanted to create a platform that brings together the particularly active and multidimensional world of local rock and metal music (with all the styles that this musical umbrella covers). This vivid world includes musicians, listeners, music stages and studios, along with the entire range of activities that concern the rock and metal network of the island.


Aégis aims to be a platform of promotion and information, as well as a portal for music discussion through critical thinking. Therefore, its thematology transgresses the local boundaries and widens to include a range of musical issues from Cyprus and the world.


The magazine was named after Aégis, the third album of the Norwegian gothic metal band, Theatre of Tragedy. The fact that this word, taken from ancient greek αιγίς, also means protection and ethical and physical support, can be considered as a fortunate circumstance. It also needs to be pointed out that our awesome logo was designed by the multi-talented Antreas Koumis, to whom we are especially thankful.


Three print issues of the magazine were released since its first appearance, which satisfied the music-loving readership. Nonetheless, the demand and the unavoidably restrictive response time of print issues, in correlation with the fast pace of the contemporary world, led to the acknowledgement of the necessity for an online Aégis. For all of us the romantic lovers of the classic rock & metal magazine, the print version of Aégis will appear annually as a collectable issue. Stay tuned!